We offer future proof thinking on where society stands in 10-20 years time to truly innovate and sustain your brand and business in the years to come.

Lot's of businesses put focus on the problems, we focus on opportunities to redefine your brand and business for the future to come. We believe that you can only be futureproof if you look further than the competition and the market today. Having a view on how society looks like in 10 years time - how people live, work, consume, experience - offers relevant insights on how to transform your business and brand into a futureproof and relevant approach

We want to make our clients more strategically fit for the future. Brave, bold and inspired. We take a future first approach to brand, business and innovation strategy. We are immersed on future trends and insights, have expertise in building brands and creating new services, products and marketing  approaches. We co create and lead our clients into future thoughtleadership.


We are method-neutral. Every opportunity and business challenge has its specificities. We use the right combination of strategic tools to create innovation on all levels. Our focus is on delivering the right set of insights and foresights to re-evaluate the current business challenges and to develop new approaches for your business, brand, consumer, products and services of tomorrow.

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We research and analyse the future trends and identify innovative approaches. We explore your sectors and consumers in detail to identify new products and services, new or adapted brand approaches, new business models and original thinking to enable you to more quickly develop leading strategies and disruptive innovations.

Our Strategic services

Future's strategies

Transformational solutions for emerging challenges

We are experienced brand positioning strategists. For more than 20 years we help brands to become more relevant with our of the box insights and foresights.

We inspire, organise strategysing workshops with different experts (in company and out there), future ideation sessions and develop specific roadmaps for implementation. We translate long-term growth opportunities into platforms for innovation and development. And guide how to make them happen.  

Future Hero Brand Strategy

Brand purpose and positioning 2.0

Our expertise

Brands today are far from being purposeful and the customer is far from being convinced. There's as much 'purpose'-washing as there is greenwashing. People are fed up with false promises and more than 80% wouldn't care if brands disappeared.
Together with strategyzing workshops, solid and pragmatic strategic advice and clear actions we can turn your brand into a future hero brand.



brand positioning

consumer insights

marketing strategy

brand bootcamps & workshops

actionable foresights & trends

The Futureproof Value Proposition

The evolution of your business model is a must

Every industry and category can be reinvented – we’ve seen it time and time again over the last few years. Marketers are increasingly pressured to think laterally, to revisit the core business proposition, to evolve and innovate. How do you know it’s the right direction?

Increasingly, business propositions are built around technology – call it a platform, or an app, a service or a medium.  But the human behind technology is often forgotten. Companies need to prepare much more for the societal changes in 10 to 20 years. How will we eat, consume, work, experience in the future?

That’s why we as creative strategy lab, nearly all of our projects have been about, at their core, evolving value propositions for brands who need to reinvent.

We’ve developed a system to find, validate, quantify and operationalize the right value proposition to bring your brand into the future

Future Foresight Focus

Futureproof your brand's experience

The pressure on brands to provide a seamless, intuitive experience on- and offline has never been so intense. On the other hand with the growing importance of marketing , marketeers have never been that busy defining a strong marketing approach with futureproof business models, products and services. 

We realise that marketeers are often to occupied to react on the consumer of today, in stead of the consumer of tomorrow. With our Future Foresight Focus program, we give not only a view of their customer tomorrow, but we've defined a strategy process to assess and create a new approach for existing and new products & services, and a reinforced brand approach.  

Disruptive Future Workshops

Innovative techniques and thinking to move your organisation

We understand that often within a company people are so taken up with the day to day hassle that the energy and vision to innovate and to keep eye on relevant future societal challenges is lacking behind. We can help to install a culture of innovative thinking and disruption and prepare your marketing and business departments to keep an eye on what's coming next. 

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