Future Tours & Walks

Our tours and walks are designed to immerse you into the many possibilities the future brings to create a sustainable future for your business. 


Join us on one of our inspiring walks in the wood where we bring oxygen to the brain with our future perspective on societal and cultural trends that will change your business for the better.

Our clients love our 1,5h walks through nature to break away from daily thinking. We'll curate upfront future discussion topics that can ad extra oxygen to the brain and your business


Send us a message: info@spectra.rocks

Tree Planting


New: We organise Future Tours in Amsterdam to make you feel and experience the societal, ecological and cultural opportunities of tomorrow and far beyond to create more future proof thinking in your business approach.

We take you on an unforgettable trip to discover the different trends and cultural behaviors that make your customer of tomorrow. By experiencing the underlaying societal foresights we create a new path to futureproof innovation and strategy

Soon to discover more

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