Our story

Spectra is a Belgian based Future Creative Strategy Lab. With a unique blend of trend forecasting, consumer insight, foresight, brand strategy and creative innovation, we inspire and future-proof organisations.


We recently started in 2019, with two people - Karin and Kristel - and a beautiful set of brave clients. We assemble unique teams of writers, visual designers, experts and innovation analysts to document the new and co-create with our clients.

We deliver foresight through a number of products and services, including bespoke trend reports, trend presentations, inspirational workshop sessions, retail tours and brand/product/service positioning strategy. Together, our strategic foresight helps our clients to harness market trends, understand and adapt to emerging consumer needs, position their brands for success and keep them ahead of their competitors.

Kristel Vanderlinden en Karin De Bruyn, co-founders of Spectra


Spectra makes brands and businesses futureproof.


We help our clients engage with their future consumers, provide them with societal and economic foresight, deliver thought-leadership, build and future-proof brands, and create innovation in their industry or category. 


Our methodology and trend analyses enable our clients to identify and prioritise the trends that matter most, plot the strategic direction they need to take, co-create a strengthened brand approach, innvation in products and services, and execute these plans to realise longer-term growth opportunities and remove the risk or doubt in the process.  


Whether it be new product or service development, marketing communications, brand positioning, placemaking or customer experience, Spectra helps make businesses to become future proof? 

Our clients

Karin De Bruyn, co-founder


We embrace the future, not from a business challenge point of view but from a positive opportunity that build your brand.

Kristel Vanderlinden, co-founder


We focus on  positive change for the better. The future isn't about fortunetelling but about analysing data to reinvent yourself. 

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We'd love to talk to you about your particular challenge to see if we can help.

Contact Kristel, +32 (0)475 680 679 or Karin, +32 (0)471 32 20 84

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